Fallout Fudge uses the character’s Sequence + 4dF to determine who acts first. Characters may also decide to act later if they wish to react on their opponents’ (or allies’) actions.
Close combat is always handled using opposed rolls, but only the attacker may cause damage. In ranged combat the attacker has to at least reach the target’s Passive Dodge to hit. If the target decides to actively dodge, this value is increased by 1.

Ranged attack rolls are also modified by the distance to the target. There are six range bands in Fallout Fudge: point blank (¼ weapon base range), short (½ weapon base range), normal (1x weapon base range), long (2x weapon base range), far (4x weapon base range), and extreme (6x weapon base range).

The attack modifiers are as follows:
point blank +2, short +1, normal +0, long -1, far -2, extreme -3

The ODF is calculated by adding the margin of success of the attack roll, the weapon damage bonus, the character’s Melee Damage statistic, and any modifiers from perks or traits. The DDF is calculated by adding the character’s DR and any modifiers from perks or traits. The damage caused is ODF-DDF.

Usually you can only attack once during your turn, but some weapons, perks and traits may allow you to attack more than once. Fully automatic weapons may be used to fire bursts of three rounds. You can make three attack rolls against one target or spray an area of maximal 60°. The first roll is unmodified, but the second and third get a -1 and -2 modifier respectively.
Semi-auto weapons may be fired more than once per round if a perk or trait allows it. Weapons with the Slow descriptor may only be used once per combat round even if the character has a special perk or trait that says otherwise.


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